Bankruptcy Attorney | The Bankruptcy Process Explained

Bankruptcy Attorney.  Five basic steps involved in filing bankruptcy from top bankruptcy attorney, Pinkston & PInkston, in Jacksonville FL, is as follows:

1. My office will require you to complete an initial consultation (with me personally) and to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire giving me all of the necessary information to prepare your bankruptcy filing.

2. Once your documentation has been completed and reviewed, and you have completed your 1st credit counseling course and signed off on the documents, it will then be submitted to the Court.

3. You will take your second credit counseling course.

4. Approximately 45 days after your case is filed, you will attend a meeting of creditors, where you will then be asked questions about your assets and liabilities. I attend the meeting of creditors with you. If your case is a no-asset case, approximately one week later, the trustee’s office will file a Notice of No Distribution.

5. The trustee and/or creditors have 30 days to object to your claims of exemption and to object to a determination of non-dischargebility of debt after the conclusion of your meeting of creditors.

Approximately two and one half months after your meeting of creditors you will then receive your discharge.

We are a small law firm of bankruptcy experts but we deal with big challenges each day. Whether our clients are businesses or individuals, many face serious financial issues. Others may not be as deep in debt but are still suffering due to the stress of their financial situation. Pinkston and Pinkston – Attorneys at Law can help.

We have been specializing in Bankruptcy Law for over 20 years.  Contact us today!